Nicole Paquette is not just an interior designer; she is a creative visionary with a passion for transforming spaces into unique and personalized environments. From the early days of rearranging her bedroom to navigating a real estate journey that involved buying and selling 11 homes in 14 years, Nicole’s love for design has been a constant thread in her life.


Although the dream of attending the Vancouver Art Institute didn’t materialize due to financial constraints, Nicole’s creativity didn’t waver. Instead, she embraced each new home as a canvas, envisioning the feeling and aesthetic she wanted for every room. This journey fueled her appreciation for space planning, understanding the needs of each area, and creating cohesive designs.


In 2014, Nicole’s design journey took a more personal turn with the arrival of her first child. Designing the nursery became an expression of love and commitment, emphasizing the importance of creating a home as a sanctuary—a place of happiness and safety.


Venturing into real estate projects, Nicole turned a neglected basement into a charming vacation rental and later downsized to a 2-bedroom condominium in downtown Vancouver. Each project, whether renovating, staging, or working with custom home builders, contributed to her diverse skill set.


Nicole’s approach to design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about understanding her clients on a personal level. Listening becomes the foundation of her success, as she delves into their preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle. For Nicole, an emotional connection with each project is paramount, ensuring the design not only reflects a visual esthetic but also resonates with the desired feelings of her clients.


With a belief that no project is too big or small, Nicole Paquette welcomes challenges. Her problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and commitment to functional design make her a valuable asset in the world of interior design.


Yours Truly,


Nicole Paquette